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Michaels Used Cars Inc.

Welcome to Michael's Used Cars website at musedcars.com. Thanks for stopping by, we are glad to see you! We will be happy to show you around but first let us give you some information about our dealership. We specialize in vehicles that cost between $1,000 - $5,000, full price. We usually have between 40-60 vehicles in stock at any given time. Certain vehicles like Classics or newer SUV's and Pickup trucks will be priced slightly higher than the average priced vehicle we usually sell. We are good at what we do because we have many years of experience, our dealership has been at the same location since 2003 and our owner has a family history in the used car business for three generations since 1931. We like saving people money!!!! We sell cars for $4,000 that should sell for $6,000 but that's okay because the happy customers will bring their family and friends back to buy from us next time. If you have a problem with your car we are here to help you. We don't have a service center so we can't fix your car but we have a network of industry professionals that can get your car rolling again at the lowest price possible. Remember, we like to save people money! We don't finance and you shouldn't either. Here's the deal, if you have great credit and a lot of money saved up let's get you a brand new car. I hear they smell nice! For those of us on a tight budget and not so perfect credit, being clobbered with high interest payments isn't the way to go! We believe it is much smarter to own a lower cost vehicle and avoid all the over paying. We constantly update our website with reliable cars and display them right here!!! We take all trades dead or alive! We mean all trades!!! We are aggressive when it comes to helping you get the vehicle you are looking for. If you want to trade anything from a bicycle to an airplane we will figure it out and put it toward your deal. We also offer Free 60-Day Lay-a-way for our customers.

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